12 may 2016

The draw of the VII IHF World Beach Handball Championship took place at the venue of competition, Budapest, Hungary.

The International Handball Federation (IHF) was represented at the event by Mr. Giampiero Masi (IHF Beach Handball Working Group chairman), Mr. Sasa Kuburovic (IHF Beach Handball Working Group member) and Hristo Boskoski (IHF Head Office). The Hungarian Handball Federation (HHF) and the Local Organising Committee were represented by Ms. Katalin Pálinger (HHF vice president), Ms. Gabriella Horváth (HHF deputy secretary general) and Mr. Szabolcs Bíró (HBMP Co. Ltd., CEO).

“The World Championship will take place in a fantastic venue, in the heart of Budapest, the Margaret Island. I am sure that we will have a fantastic event in a city, which candidates to host the Summer Olympic Games in 2024. The Olympics is also a big challenge for beach handball, since we are working on involve to the programme of the summer games.” Gianpiero Masi said.

As the result of the draw, in the men’s tournament, the title-defender Brazilian team got into Group A, together with Qatar, Ukraine, Egypt, the United States and Bahrain. The runner-up of the last World Championship, Croatia will play in Group B, against Spain, Hungary, Oman, Uruguay and Australia.

István Gulyás, head coach of Hungarian men’s team: “We know the Croatian team very well, therefore we chose Group B. It’s more difficult to prepare against the team from Asia, America and Africa, but we will have the opportunity to know them better during the preliminaries. We are very ambitious, would like to qualify for the semifinals and reach the World Games-qualification. During our preparation, we try to step forward in defence, and we will work hard on shootout-situations.”

In the women’s tournament, in Group A, the runner-up of the last World Championship, Hungary will face against Italy, Spain, Thailand, Argentina and Australia, while the title-defender team of Brazil will play against Norway, Poland, Uruguay, Chinese Taipei and Tunisia in Group B.

János Gróz, head coach of Hungarian women’s team: “We wanted to avoid to meet with Norway in the preliminary round, so we asked for a place in Group A. We are very dedicated and we will work hard before the World Championship. Our main goal is to qualify for the World Games, but we would like to win the tournament, because we know very well that it would have a huge influence for beach handball in Hungary.”

VII. IHF World Beach Handball Championship, Budapest, Hungary, 12-17. July 2016
Draw results Men’s tournament:
Group A: Brazil, Qatar, Ukraine, Egypt, United States of America, Bahrain
Group B: Croatia, Spain, Hungary, Oman, Uruguay, Australia

Women’s tournament:
Group A: Hungary, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Argentina, Australia
Group B: Brazil, Norway, Poland, Uruguay, Chinese Taipei, Tunisia

Tournament format:
Altogether 24 teams (12 women’s and 12 men’s teams) will compete for the world championship title at the VII IHF World Beach Handball Championship in Budapest between 12-17. July 2016.
The twelve teams are split into two groups of six teams. After playing a round-robin, the three top ranked teams advance to the Main Round. When teams are equal in points, the head-to-head result are decisive. Every team keeps the points from preliminary round matches against teams who also advanced. In the main round every team has 3 games against the opponents they did not face in the preliminary round. The top four teams advance to the Semifinals. The three bottom ranked team from each preliminary round group will be packed into one group of the so-called Consolation round. The points won against the teams who were in the same group are valid. Every team plays three games, and after those rounds there will be placement matches from 7th–12th place.

Official website: http://beachhandball2016.com/

Final result of the VI IHF World Beach Handball Championship (22-27th July 2014, Recife, Brazil):
Men’s tournament:


1. Brazil
2. Croatia
3. Qatar
4. Denmark
5. Spain
6. Serbia

7. Russia
8. Egypt
9. Uruguay
10. Argentina
11. Australia
12. Oman

Women’s tournament:


1. Brazil
2. Hungary
3. Norway
4. Ukraine
5. Spain
6. Russia

7. Denmark
8. Uruguay
9. Thailand
10. Chinese Taipei
11. Argentina
12. Australia