Get Ready to Beach handball world championships

20 march 2016

János Gróz, head coach of Hungary’s women’s national beach handball team:

We are very determined before the World Championships in Budapest, definitely want to show the beauty, the values and the dynamics of beach handball in front of our home-crowd. The last two European Championship was won by our national team, that gives us optimism, but the truth is that we were lucky in 2015 as we did a lot less work than it would had been needed. Our plan is to devide the preparation into two phase. We started strengthening trainings in Szentendre with an increased number of practices. In the next phase, the players who are playing in other clubs will join us hopefully as soon as possible. We have to put focus on concentrating our forces, because on one hand there are not too many highly qualified beach handball players in Hungary, on the other hand, not all of them can take the enormous amount of work that comes with the preparations for the World Championships. Furthermore another problem is the lack of international matches on an adequate level, as it is not easy to find an opponent on a similar level for the world’s strongest team. The last time when we managed to overcome on the reigning world champion Brazilian team, was in 2010. We have to win, because the World Championships in Hungary is not just a huge opportunity, but also a responsibility for us. Here is the chance to make beach handball widely accepted in our country, we have to qualify for the World Games, and definitely want to show that the people can count on us, if once beach handball will become an Olympic sport.