Summary of finals

17 july 2016


BRAZIL-CROATIA 0:2 (15-19, 18-21)
According to the finel the teams started the match with great pace. After two huge saves brasil take the lead, dispite playing with big heart and pace, they couldn't do anything with the croatian machinery. They won the set step by step.
To the second set both teams went on an other level. The croatian superiority come early and the deffending champion could only run after the reasult to the middle of the set. Te fans on the Margaret island can celebrate a new world champion after two sets.

Bronze medal game: 
HUNGARY-QATAR 1:2 (15-14, 14-20, 6-7)
In the first period it was a really close game. Hungary team could make its chances better and they won the first 10 minutes. In the second set Qatar started to play better whilst Hungarians seemed to play a bit nervously. So Qatar could take easily this period. In the shootout Qatar scored more so they won the match and the bronze medal too.


Bronze medal game:
HUNGARY-NORWAY 1:2 (16-12, 17-20, 6-8)

In the first bronze medal match, Hungary played against Norway in the rain. Even though Norway started better the game, the host team won the first set. After the break Norway could renew itself and save the match to shootout, where Norway made less mistakes, so they won the game and the bronze medal. With the win Norway also qualified for the World Games.

BRAZIL-SPAIN 1:2 (18-8, 12-16, 4-7)

Nobody thought that the quality of the first set from the spanish team will be enough for anything, Brasil won easily. However, in the second set, the europeans could renew themselves and won this period. The truth is, the south-americans made it harder for themselves with a two red cards. The shootout was won by the spanish team and also the title to be the world champion.

Final result of the world championship
1. Spain
2. Brazil
3. Norway
4. Hungary
5. Italy
6. Chinese Taipei
7. Argentina
8. Australia
9. Thailand
10. Poland
11. Uruguay
12. Tunisia

1. Croatia
2. Brazil
3. Qatar
4. Hungary
5. Spain
6. Ukraine
7. Oman
8. Egypt
9. Bahrain
10. Uruguay
11. USA
12. Australia