16 july 2016

Main Round:

Spain-Brazil 0:2 (10-13, 13-15)

Brazil started the game better in the heavy rain and they got their lead till the end, so they won the set with 3 goals. In the second set Spain could came closer, but the defending champion had better deffence, so they won the game in two sets and waiting for the home team in the semi-final.

Italy-Norway 0:2 (14-15, 11-12)

The two teams played head to head but Norway scored more effective in the first period. In the second set Italy was dominating, but at the end Norway took the lead and the goalkeeper saved the last shot.

Hungary-Chinese Taipei 2:0 (19-7, 14-6)

In spite of the cold Saturday morning the hungarian girls started the game with a majore fire against Tajvan, so there were no questions about the resoult of the first set. Int he second set cold become the biggest opponent of the two teams, but nothing could stop the hungarians and the heroically tolerant supporters could enjoy their game.

11th place, Tunisia-Uruguay 0:2 (11-12, 10-11)

Uruguay was at a disadwantage allmost the first set, but they could socre a last second goal to egalise and won the set with golden goal. The second set was totaly the same, but now Tunesia managed to score a last second equaliser, but Uruguay could score the golden goal again, so they won the match.

9th place, Thailand-Poland 2:1 (11-8, 8-10, 7-6)

The teams didn't really want to play in heavy rain, there weren't so much goals and impressive attacks. After two periods Thailands goalkeeper got a red card in the shootout, but the team could handle it and won the match.

7th place, Australia-Argentina 0:2 (3-13, 10-13)

Argentina didn't leave any chances for their opponent, won the set with 10 goals difference, and only conceded 3 in the first set. Than they chose a comfortable tempo, in spite of this Australia can't got the lead,so they lost in two sets.

5th place, Italy-Chinese Taipei 2:0 (23-16, 26-12)

In the first set the two team were head to head to each oter, but in the last 3 minutes Italy changed gear and won the set. In the second part they chatch the lead early, so they easily win the match and took the fifth place on the tournament.


Norway-Spain 1:2 (10-14, 19-15, 12-14)

The first match of the semi-final was a very close game.In the clash between north and south, the spanish team won the first but Norway the second set. The shootout was just as long as a marathon running competition and at the end of it, the spanish girls could celebrate.

Brazil-Hungary 2:0 (14-13, 18-16)

The organizer team, Hungary played against the world champion Brazil team in the second game of the semi-final. The first set was very tight but the south-americans won it. In the second 10 minutes, Hungary played much more better but they lost again, although this time, with a golden goal.