Summary of the 5th day of men's tournament

16 july 2016

Main round:
QATAR-HUNGARY 1:2 (18-16, 16-17, 6-7) 
The weather was not kind to the competitors of the Qatar-Hungary match, but the asian team got used to the cold. They built a massive advantage early in the first set, despite Hungary could catch up, Qatar won with golden goal. We had the same scenario except the home team could score in the last second. The match was decided by penalty shots, where the host team made less mistakes, so they won the game.

BRAZIL-CROATIA 2:0 (21-20, 22-18)
Lot of goals and nice shots in the first period, after ten minutes the result was equal, but Brasil made the golden score. Ceoatian team did their best in the second set, but today it wasn't enough against Brasil.

UKRAINE-SPAIN 0:2 (14-20, 14-22)
We saw a strong start from Spain, they took big advantage in the early part of the set, Spain easily won the first part.
In the second set they were playing on a high level, and with the good attack on the left side they won the match to 2-0.

For 11th place: 
USA-AUSTRALIA 2:0 (21:17, 14: 13)
After a friendly handshaking the two teams showed some impressive game, but USA took the lead in the first period. The "Aussies" made two mistakes at the end of the game and after golden score team US won the match.

For 9th place:
URUGUAY-BAHRAIN 1:2 (18-12, 20-21, 7-9)
Uruguay easily won the first set with spectacular game, Bahrein can do nothing with it.
In contrast in the second set they woke up late and surprisingly Uruguay lost the set with one point.
In the shootout the south-american side had some problems in their mind, so they lost the match.

For 7th place: 
OMAN-EGYPT 2:1 (16-20, 17-12, 6-2)
In the first period team Egypt showed their strengh in the attack and took the lead, but after a nice comeback Oman won the second set and also the shootout.