Summary of the 4th day of women's tournament

15 july 2016

Main round: 
HUNGARY-NORWAY 1:2 (13-6, 20-26, 2-5)
The first set of this key game to be in the semi-final, Hungary started very confident and won with though defense. In the second perdod, Norway played better and sent the teams to the shootout. In the fight of the nerves, the norwegians were smarter, so they won the match

ITALY-BRAZIL 0:2 (16-24, 15-16)
Good defence and ’killer’ attack, according to these things Brazil had an easy lead.
Italy couldn't score in the first three minutes in the second set, but they managed to come back, but Brazil could score a last second goal, so they win the set and the match.

SPAIN-TAIPEI 2:0 (22-21, 20-17)
In the first set Spain brought the game that we expected. In the second period Spain made it off the form and won the match.

ITALY-TAIPEI 2:1 (18-15, 16-17, 7-6)

In the first set Taipei played a nervous game, the Italian team won 18:15 . After the break Taipei showed an impressive game and won the second period. In the shootout the Italian goalkeeper showed amazing saves and won the match.

HUNGARY-BRAZIL 1:2 (18-22, 17-16, 6-8)

Brazil was very good at the right side, according to this they built big advantege. Hungarian team could climb back, but couldn't reach the defending champion. Hungarion team turned on a higher level, they take the lead, but the defending champion managed to combe back, and got the lead, but with the a goal in the last seconds the home team won the set. In the extremly fierce shootout brasil concentrated little bit better, so they won the match.

SPAIN-NORWAY 1:2 (11-22, 20-10, 4-5)

In todays last game Norwegian girls prefered more the cold in Budapest and played an amazing first period. But Spanish girls  showed a great come back in the second set. In the shootout both teams made mistakes, both goalkeepers saved a penalty but finally Norway took the lead.

Consolation round: 
THAILAND-POLAND 2:1 (18-17,16-17,8-6)
The crowd has seen two very close sets, in the second period, only golden goal decided. In the shootouts the asian team played better and won the game.

AUSTRALIA-URUGUAY 2:0 (13:11, 12:10)
Head to head fight, but Uruguay were more accurate in shoting the post, so Australia had the lead.
Uruguay fought well, but this wasn't enough. Australia had concentrated better at he end, so the easily win the match.

ARGENTINA-TUNISIA 2:0 (14-13, 15-14)
Argentina won the game after two similar periods. In the first 10 minutes they scored right before the final whistle. In the second period they scored 3 seconds before the end. 

AUSTRALIA-TUNISIA 2:0 (11- 10, 16- 10)

In the first set they played a tough game, which was decided by golden goal. In the second part of the game Australia could show much better performance and easily won the whole match.

THAILAND-URUGUAY 2:0 (14-12, 21-20)

Uruguay led almost throughtout, but made several mistakes, so Thailand won the first set. Stronger start from the south-american side, but Thailand scored a last second goal, so they win the sat, and the match.

ARGENTINA-POLAND 2:1 (14-15, 20-16, 4-2)

In the first set,none of the the teams wanted to lose easily but the Poland won. Same scenario in the second send,but now with the south-americans won. In the shooutout, Argentina had better tactics and won the game.

THAILAND-TUNISIA 2:0 (18-17, 19-12)

Could anybody loose a game against Tunisia in front of 17 thai supporters, who are waving flags and singing? The thai girls tried everything, but Tunisia played worse. In the second half the thai forces grew up to 27 raging fans. It was obvious that the halftime helped the asian team and after a lot of amazing goals, saves and blocks, again Tunisia won.

AUSTRALIA-POLAND 0:2 (7-11, 13-19)

After the first 10 minutes Poland worked hard and allowed only 7 points for Australia. The polish defense became even more better, so "Aussies" had no chance to equalise the sets.

ARGENTINA-URUGUAY 2:1 (16-15, 8-12, 6-4)

Argentina couldn't score for 5 minutes, but after their first goal they became unstoppable and took the lead from Uruguay. The teams didn't score much goals but Uruguay with a bigger heart. Team Uruguay coudn't find the answear for the opponents goalkeaper, so Argentina won the shootout.