Summary of the 4th day of men's tournament

15 july 2016

Main round: 
BRAZIL-HUNGARY 1:2 (22-18,12-22,6-7)
The Hungarian team - with home-field advantage - met iwth the world champion brasilians. In the first set, Hungary could keep up with Brasil, but they could not make any surprise. In the second period, the Hungarian boys played rapturously, so the shootout has come. Where the home team continued their amazing game and the match with the help of the crowd.

QATAR-SPAIN 2:0 (22-16, 21-20)
Qatar early take the lead and they managed to take it till the end, so they brought it to the second set. Espanyol had the lead until the last minute. Qatar were better at the endgame so they won the game with their fans.

UKRAINE-CROATIA 0:2 (16-26, 18-30)
With a confident game Croatia won the first set. The second period was more close for a long time, but finally the croatian team won this part also.

UKRAINE-HUNGARY 1:2 (22-16, 25-30, 6-9)
Hungarian team made a lots of mistakes and had to run after the reasult, they fall apart at the end, so Ukrania esealy won the set. Hungarian team greatly improved to the second set, with beautiful geam, they won the set. The home team had better mental state, so they better come out from the shootout and they won the match.

BRAZIL-SPAIN 2:0 (23-22, 22-18)
Spain got the lead, but the end Brazil scored the golden goal, so the won the set
The defending champion started better the second set, but near to the endgame Spain managed to draw up. At the and Brazil secured the two winning set victory.

QATAR-CROATIA 0:2 (12-13, 19-25)
Quatar and Croatia played todays last men match. The two teams were head to head in the first set but Croatia took the lead at the final period. In the last two minutes of the second set the Croatian goalkeaper saved every important shots of team Quatar.

Consolation round: 
BAHRAIN-URUGUAY 1:2 (20-22, 21-16, 8-9)
In the first period Uruguay was leading until the end. Bahrein had a chance to score to equlize but they missed it. In the second half the Bahreinien was playing more confidently and took that period. In the shootout there was only one mistake by a bahreinien player, so Uruguay won the match.

EGYPT-AUSTRALIA 0:2 (14-15, 14-15)
After a spectacular 10 minutes Australia won the first period thanks to a set ended goal. In the second period tha game became tough and hard. Finally Australia could win the second period with the same result than before.  

USA-OMAN 1:2 (15:17, 24:16, 6:8)
Neither of the two teams managed to built a multi-goal advantege, finally Oman came out better of the ding-dong fight. Sadly at the begginig of the second set one of the omanian goalkeeper get injured, and he had taken to the hospital. Oman couldn't play well afer they had lost their keeper, so USA got the lead and easily won the second set. Oman concentrated better in one of the longest penalty shootout and won the match.

BAHRAIN-OMAN 2:0 (26:19, 18:12)
There were no question about which team will win the first sett, Bahrein has the lead.
Bahrein had better conversation rate, so thely easily win the second set and the match.

EGYPT-URUGUAY 2:1 (21-16, 16-22, 5-4)
Egypt finished better the eventful first set, but in the second set the south-american side were better. In the shootout the african side made less mistakes, so they win the match.

USA-AUSTRALIA 1:2 (11-20,21-20,8-9) 
The first set brought a one sided game and australian win. In the second the americans won with a golden goal. The "Aussies" won the the shootouts and the games as well.

ARGENTINA-URUGUAY 2:1 (16-15, 8-12 6-4)
Argentina couldn't score for 5 minutes, but after their first goal they became unstoppable and took the lead from Uruguay. The teams didn't score much goals but Uruguay with a bigger heart. Team Uruguay coudn't find the answear for the opponents goalkeaper, so Argentina won the shootout.

EGYPT-OMAN 0:2 (14-15, 14-19)
The egyptian team were ahead in the whle first set, but in the last minute Oman could throw one more and score a golden goal as well. This, actually helped the asian and they won again very confident in the second period.

BAHRAIN-AUSTRALIA 2:0 (21-10, 21-14)
Bahrein showed an imressive game in the first set and smashed Australia 21:10. Team Bahrein played exactly the same in the secon period, "Aussies" could make only a smaller difference between the two teams.