Men's tournament, 3rd day, summary

14 july 2016

CROATIA-SPAIN 2:1 (20-26, 22-18, 10-6) 
The croatians started with a lot of missed chances, therefore Spain won the first set. In the second period. Croatia pulled out its defense and although the hispanic team tried to come back, they couldnt. As we know, Croatia likes to play shootouts and again they proved this statement and won the game.

URUGUAY-AUSTRALIA 2:1 (18-10,16-17, 10-6)
Uruguay played very confident in the first set. Australia played much more better in the first part of the second set, although Uruguay tried to come back, they couldnt manage it, so the „Aussies” won this part. With the shootouts, Uruguay had more luck and they won the game.

HUNGARY-OMAN 2:0 (22-13, 25-14) 
Hungary won the first set with a very confident game. In the second period the power relations have not changed, so the hungarian team qualified for the final six.

UKRAINE-EGYPT 2:0 (16-14, 28-24) 
In the first five minutes of the game, instead of nice goals, we have seen amazing defenses, saves and quevering bars. The hero of the first set was the goalkeeper of Ukraine with 10 saves and his team could win this part. In the second set, the teams needed only 6 minutes to have the same score as in the first period. Finally, with altogether 52 score-goals in the second set and with a ukrainian win ended the game.