14 july 2016

Italy-Argentina 2:0 (13-6, 19-16)

After, the game yesterday between Italy-Argentina was aborted due to a huge storm, it continued in better conditions and with smiling faces. In the first set, the european team won by 7. Although, in the second period Argentina played better, they lost.

Chinese Taipei-Tunisia 2:0 (15-13, 23-14)

Taiwan played relatively convincing in the first set, although for the last minutes the african team came back, they lost. After the pause the asian team countinued to play in high level and they won this set easily, also the game.

Brazil-Norway 2:0 (21-20, 26-18)

The first set was very close for long, finally Brasil won with a goldengoal. The second period was more obvious, the South American team won with an amazing game.

Poland-Uruguay 2:0 (13-10, 13-12)

The first set was very close for long, but Poland won with three goals. The second period has a close game too, but Poland could win with one goal.

Spain-Thailand 2:0 (19-11, 16-10)

Thailand was very strong in the beginning but the spanish team woke up and won the first set. Amazing goalkeeper performance and few goals, but yet again, the european team was better.

Hungary-Italy 2:0 (16-14, 14-13)

After the very close beginning, Hungary was better mentally, so they won the first game with a last second penalty. The second part of the game was also so close, but finally hungarian girls won again.

Argentina-Australia 1:2 (12-10, 9-10, 4-5)

The opponents played like, they have cold hands. In the first ten attacks, the teams scored only two score-points. After that, the „Aussies” did the same, after five and a half minutes they still had only two points, although they had a chance to save this set to draw. In the last second, the argentinian goalkeeper provided their first period win. In the second set, the scenario was the same but more interesting and tense. Again, the teams could decide only in the last seconds with an australian, successful penalty. In the shootouts the crowd saw again lot of faults,but finally the girls from the australian continent won.