Delay due to adverse weather conditions

14 july 2016

The remainder of the game, and the final game of the day – the Group A men’s match between Ukraine and Brazil - will be played tomorrow (Thursday 14 July) pending confirmation from the Competition Management of the VII Beach Handball World Championship after a meeting tonight.

The IHF thanks everyone for their understanding and patience.

New match-programme, 14. July:
Women's tournament: 

Group A: 
11:40 Italy-Argentina
17:30 Hungary-Italy
17:30 Spain-Thailand
17:30 Argentina-Australia
Group B: 
13:20 Brazil-Norway
13:20 Poland-Uruguay
13:20 Chinese Taipei-Tunisia
Men's tournament:
Group A: 
11:40 Ukraine-Brazil
18:20 Brazil-Qatar
18:20 Ukraine-Egypt
18:20 USA-Bahrain
Group B: 
12:30 Hungary-Oman
12:30 Croatia-Spain
12:30 Uruguay-Australia