Men's tournament, 2nd day, summary

13 july 2016

CROATIA- AUSTRALIA 2:1 (16-18, 19-14, 8-6)
After a tight first period Australian team scored a set ended goal and took the lead. The second period was going on the same way. Croatia equalized the match in the end of that period and finally they won the shootout and the game too.  

SPAIN – HUNGARY 2:0 (22-14, 18-16)
Thanks to their dynamic game Spain won easily the first set. Even though Hungarians could show better performance in the second part of the game it was not enough to stop Spain.

OMAN- URUGUAY 2:0 (17-16, 16-15)
In a very tight and struggled match, each period of the game was decided by golden goal for Oman national team.

QATAR-UKRAINE 2:0 (20:18, 23:8)
The first 10 minutes brought an equal game and Qatari setwinning thanks to the great performance of their goalkeeper. In the second period Qatar beat Ukraine with a spectacular play and won the match for 2:0.

EGYPT-USA 2:1 (14:18, 16:14, 10:6)
The Team USA started better the game and won the first period. In the second period Egypt changed a bit of their play and could equalize in a quite tight game. In the shootout Egypt could keep their performance and won the match.  

BRAZIL-BAHRAIN 2:0 (22:17, 16:12)
The athletic Brazilians won the first set with a spectacular game. The second part of the game was not that obvious, but finally it is ended how we expected.

AUSTRALIA-OMAN 0:2 (16:17, 12:17)
High tempo and a better playig Oman, this is that we have seen in the first set. By the half of this period, thyey were leading by 5 score-goals. Although the „Aussies” came back, they lost this set.
The image of the second set was the same, just like in the first one. The asians were leading in the whole game and finally won the match.

QATAR-USA 2:0 (26-18, 26-17)
In the first set, the teams were close to each other. The second 5 minutes brought a better quatari game, although the american goalkeeper did everything he could. The second period was almost the same, and yet again, Quatar won it.

BAHRAIN-EGYPT 1:2 (11:14, 20:17, 0:10)
In the beginning of the game, Bahrein showed its though defense, but Egypt became better and better, scored more and more goals and finally took the first set.
In the final period, the teams were head-to-head, however in the final minutes Bahrein could renew itself and won this part. Shootouts came and Egypt left the court as the winner.

HUNGARY-CROATIA 1:2 (26-22, 22.29, 12-14)
Hungarians controled the first set-thanks to Mihály Fehér’s saves. After the break Croatia started to play better and finished the second period with a win. In the 7th round of the shootout Croatia made a huge step to the play off.