13 july 2016

Brazil-Tunisia 2:0 (19-8, 21-8)

As Brazil team was dominating for most of the time, they could easily win both sets.

Uruguay-Chinese Taipei 1:2 (10-14, 8-7, 4-5)

Chinese Taipei won the first set thanks to their fast and quick game. In the second period Uruguay could renew itself and equalized the game. The game was decided by shootout where Chinese Taipei made less mistakes than Uruguay.

Norway-Poland 1:2 (19-12, 16-17, 6-7)

In the first period the norwegians were controling the game and won it without any doubt. The second period brought an equal game. Poland did their best and could save the game to the shootout where they could handle the situation better, and beat Norway.

Hungary-Australia 2:1 (16-17, 17-10, 7-6)

The first part of the game was very tight, where Australia beat Hungary 17 : 16. In the second set thanks to the fantastic performance of the Hungarian goalkeeper the European country could save the match to shootout, were Hungary was better and won the match.

Italy-Spain 0:2 (8-18, 11-17)

In the first set Spain won with ten goals difference between Italy. In the next period Italy played much better, but they could not stop the Spanish team.

Thailand-Argentina 0:2 (14-16, 16-22)

In the first set it looked like an equal game, but Argentina won with a last second shot. In the second period Argentina played much better like the first, so they won the match.

Tunisia-Uruguay 2:1 (8-20, 12-8, 9-8)

Team Uruguay started very well, with a tough attack they won the first set 8-20. In the second period there were a lot of mistakes from both teams. Tunisia calmed down a bit earlier and took the advantage in the second set. Tunisia won the match after a really exciting shootout.

Poland-Brazil 0:2 (12-18, 13-20)

Polish team started very nervous, and Brasilians anweared with a goal for amlost every mistake. The first two minutes of the second half both teams spended without scoring any goal, but after team Brasil shooted a penalty and they became unstoppable.

Spain-Hungary 2:0 (23-18, 20-10)

The spanish team was better in the first half. Not just  because the red-yellow shirted goalkeeper’s amazing performance, but also the luck was against the hungarian team. The second set was not that interesting, the „home”-team played not as impressive as the spectators wanted it. It was clear, that today Spain will win this match.

Australia-Thailand 2:0 (15-10, 23-16)

The physical difference of the two teams was huge, but Thailand played a tough firt set. The second period was much easier for „Aussies”, they played an easy 2-0.