Men's tournament, day, summary

12 july 2016

BRAZIL-EGYPT 2:1 (18-16;8-9;7-5) 
In the whole first set, Brazil was leading. It became a spectacular first part of the game with many-many goals. In the second part, the defenses were much more dominant and with a last second goal, Egypt forced out the shoot out. Finally, Brazil won the shootout and the game as well.

HUNGARY-URUGUAY 2:0 (27-20, 15-14)
In the first set became a very close game, but the Hungarian team could renew itself and sacked this set. Uruguay started the second set better, but the home-team come back with 4 goals and they won the game with a last-second shot.

UKRAINE-USA 0:2 (11-14, 16-18) 
The US men's team won against Ukraine in a two set game. After minutes, USA took the lead and won the first period 14-11 game. The second set brought us a very close game between the two teams. At the last seconds the United States scored a double point goal and win the set to 18-16 and the match against Ukraine.

SPAIN-AUSTRALIA 2:0 (24-8, 15-12) 
After a blowout in the first set, the Spanish team won against Australia for 2:0. In the beginning period, it looked like, the European team teached the australians, how to play this beautiful game. New set, new game. The kangaroos was leading in the whole second set, but finally the spanish team came back and took not just this set, but the game too.

QATAR-BAHRAIN 2:0 (16-10, 17-16) 
In the asian clash, Qatar won against Bahrein. The first part was quiet one-sided, but in the second set, the qatari team won only by a golden goal. That also meant the game for them.

CROATIA-OMAN (26-16, 18-26, 6-4) 
In the first set, the spectators could see a lot of goals and happy croatian faces. As in the first period the Croatian team scored 26 goal-point and won it, in the second the asians scored 26 and won the set. The shootouts came and the europeans won it.

USA–BRAZIL 0:2 (14-28, 10-22) 
Brazil beat Team USA for 2:0. It was an equal game until the middle of the first set, then the south- americans easily won by 28-14. Nothing has changed for the second half. Team Brazil has dominated during the whole match. They won the second set for 22-10 and won the match too.

BAHRAIN-UKRAINE 1:2 (18-10, 20-23, 6-7) 
For a long time it looked like as an equal game in the first set, but Bahrein has got a confident lead, so at the end of the period they finished as winners. The second set has been won by Ukraine, they managed to get it with though plays. So, the shootout has come, and Ukraine has won.               

EGYPT-QATAR 0:2 (12-15;8-17)
The first ten minutes was very grity, but quatar was more dominant and they won it. In the second set, there were a lot of fouls, but, yet again Quatar scored more goals and won the match.   

OMAN-SPAIN 2:1 (17-16; 17-19; 13-12) 
The first ten minutes was a head-to-head game. The set was taken by Oman with a last second goal. In the second period, the spanish armada became better and better, and they won the second part. In the shootout, there was decision only in the seventh round. The spanish team failed one try and Oman took the chance immadiately, 13-12 the asian won.

URUGUAY-CROATIA 1:2 (20-21, 17-16, 2-8) 
After a tight game Croatian team won against Uruguay in a shootout. In the first set Croatians played a bit better and took the advantege in the last seconds. Uruguay also shoot a buzzer beater in the second set, so after two periods it was 1-1. In the shootout Croatian goalkeepers made four saves out of five, winning the match for their national team.

AUSTRALIA-HUNGARY 0:2 (16-19, 6-19)
Hungarians played well from the begining, the Australian team couldn’t find the answear for their opponent. The first two minutes of the the second set the teams spend without any goal, but after that the Hungarians showed a great game and finished the second period with a 6-19.