Summary of the first day of the Women's World Championship

12 july 2016

Hungary-Thailand 2:0 (17-13;19-13)

The first one, was a tie set in the whole time until the last seconds when the hungarian team scored a few more goals and won the set. In the second set, it was squarely taht the home-team will take this one too, so the game.

Brazil-Uruguay 2:0 (24-6;18-10)

The brazilian women won the first set very easily, The yellow-coloured team scored with every chance they had. The only question was the difference.In the second set the brazilian team scored wonderful goals and they beat the uruguayan ladies.

Poland-Chinese Taipei 0:2 (17-19, 8-9)

Chinese Taipei won the game against Poland. Although the asian team won both sets, the game was not one-sided at all. In the first part, Poland lost with a last second shootout, so the score has been 17-19. The second set was also very competetive, but –as in the first one- Chinese Taipei won.

Spain-Argentina 2:0 (14-8, 13-11)

Spain won in two sets against Argentina. In the first period, the european team won pretty easily. As a phoenix, the blue-white coloured team reborned and they led till the last two minutes. Finally, the spanish team came back and won the set and the game as well.

Norway-Tunisia 2:0 (15-8, 20-8)

The first set was very one sided. The two teams were not in the same league. In the second 10 minutes, the norwegen girls showed their real strength and won by twelve.

Italy-Australia 2:0 (17-14, 13-11)

The first period was very close, where the more accurate italian team could win. In the second 10 minutes, again the europeans won, but now, they needed some luck as well.

Uruguay-Norway 0:2 (18-21, 6-26)

After a sleepy start, the norwegen team won against Uruguay. The game in the first set was more equal, but the scandanavian team could live better with their chances. In the second set, there was no mercy for Sout-americans, 26-6 for Norway.

Tunisia-Poland 1:2 (16-11, 15-18, 4-5)

To a common surprise, Tunisia won the first set, since Poland haven’t played as a probable winner should. At the second period the power relations equalized, so the shootout could come. Poland was mentally better, so at the end and they could celebrate.

Chinese Taipei-Brazil 0:2 (5-29, 10-24)

The brazilian team played a lot of in-flight shots and had a brutal defense, they demolished the asian team in the first set. The finishing period did not bring any excitement. 2:0 for Brazil.

Argentina-Hungary 1:2 (22-14, 8-14, 4-7)

Argentina already in the beginning and took advantage against Hungary. The home-team changed its tactic in the second period. The hungarian team’s confidence grew and they won this set. In the shootout, with a lot of wonderful saves from Ágnes Kókai, Hungary won for 8:14.